Overview and History

This project has no official title but has been called by several different names (Mammoth Creek Park, Park West Project, and the Multi-Use Facility are a few). It will include an ice rink, community center, and inclusive playground.

The current Mammoth Ice Rink is owned and operated by the Town of Mammoth Lakes through a partnership with the Mammoth Unified School District and Mono County Office of Education. The Town of Mammoth Lakes is committed to providing the most enjoyable outdoor ice-skating experience possible.

The Mammoth Lakes rink is located at 416 Sierra Park Road adjacent to the new Library, near the corner of Meridian Boulevard and Sierra Park Road.

Core services include winter ice programs, summer RecZone, and other programs.

For information on the current amenities and offers at the rink, visit the Town’s website.

Mammoth Lakes Town Council took action not renegotiating the lease agreement between MCOE/MUSD and TOML at the July 15, 2015, meeting with a separation timeline for the facility estimated to be June of 2017. A collaborative team consisting of members from the Town staff, Town Council, the Recreation Commission and MLR was directed to bring back a recommendation as aligned with the completion of this MLR strategic planning process.

The adopted Mammoth Lakes Parks and Rec Master Plan (2012) says there is the potential for an ice hockey rink in town, and recommends completing the facility as planned so it can function as a multi-use year-round facility.


Current Status
Current sample design for the Community Center and Multi-Use Facility.

The Town of Mammoth Lakes Capital Improvement Program for the new Community Center and Multi-Use Facility presented to Town Council on November 2, 2016 is as follows:

  • Covered outdoor winter olympic ice rink, summer sport court recreation facility
  • 5000 square foot community center
  • 2016-2017: Preliminary Design and Environmental Documentation
  • 2017: Final Design and Construction
  • Total Budget: Approximately $TBD
    • Local Funds


Partners and Project Leads

Mammoth Lakes Recreation (MLR), TOML Public Works, TOML Recreation Commission

  • MLR to take the lead with the creation of capital campaign committee and the identification of leveraging partnerships
  • TOML Public Works to take the lead with the construction of the project
  • Recreation Commission and TOML Recreation Department to take the lead with the programming of the facility


Vision for the Facility

The current project strategies include:

  • The Recreation Commission engages the public in the development of programming options
  • Engage and encourage event organizers to utilize the facility
  • Engage the Youth Advisory Committee in developing applicable programs/events for the facility
  • Continue to work with the school district to develop programs
  • Raise capital funds through the campaign committee
  • Design an annual fund and giving program
  • Increase public awareness through media events and marketing tools
  • Develop an efficient budget, cost control and reporting systems
  • Maximize year-round programming opportunities to enhance revenue to support the facility
  • Actively pursue long term partners
  • More effectively partner with Mammoth Lakes Tourism to market the facility as elements of a destination market

The proposed project objectives include:

  • Expand our donor program through banner advertising and memberships
  • Raise $250,000 through a capital campaign by June 2017
  • Developing customer centric value driven affordable programs for our residents and visitors
  • To operate a year round program with a minimum 20% cost recovery


Location Options
  • Mammoth Creek Park West: Plan Your Parks (Aug. 6, 2014) presentation says that constituents would like to see several recreational options here, including basketball, volleyball, community gardens, year-round restrooms, etc. They considered this an optimal location for a “recreation and community center.” On Aug. 5, 2014, the Recreation Commission affirmed that Mammoth Creek Park West is the preferred location for a Recreation/Community Center and Aquatic facility, which is a slightly different conceptual vision than the currently proposed facility, but addresses the community’s desire to see Mammoth Creek Park West as a recreational hub.
  • The Recreation Commission Staff Report (10/08/2013) contains two maps of the ice rink at Mammoth Creek Park West
  • The 1999 Environmental Review document indicates (Chapter 2, page 19) that the Mammoth Creek Park West parcel is the “Redesign Environmental Superior Parcel” based on the identified areas of concern that need to be mitigated.


Cost Estimates

This project is estimated to cost $4.5 to $4.8 million. The Recreation Commission Staff Report (10/08/2013) estimated the cost of a conceptual design for the shade structure would cost approximately $10,000. Operations and maintenance costs need to be included in the project’s business plan

The TOML has earmarked $2.1 million for this project from multiple funding streams including the realignment of the MUSD lease agreement payments to fund an internal loan. Measure R money for a MUF roof has also been put into reserve.


Timeline and Next Steps

A collaborative working group comprised of Town staff, Town Council members, Recreation Commission members and members of MLR, developed a recommendation for Town Council in the Fall of 2015 that the best location for the new multi-use facility and complimentary facilities, such as a Community Center, would be at Mammoth Creek Park West. The decision to proceed with an environmental review and conceptual design work was approved by Town Council at the October 21, 2015, meeting.

TOML advertisement of Request for Proposals – October 31, 2015

Proposals due – December 3, 2015

TOML review, interview as necessary, and selection of vendor – December 8, 2015

Contract negotiations including final scope and fee – December 10, 2015

Town Council Authorization – January 6, 2016

Phase 1:

Completion of Environmental Review – January 2017

Phase 2:

  • Construction documents – March 2017
  • Advertise for construction phase – April 2017
  • Bid opening – May 2017
  • Town Council award of contracts – May 2017
  • Notice to proceed – May 2017
  • Begin construction – June 2017

Grand opening of the Multi-Use Facility – October 2017


Relevant Documents